Ipsidy and Ayonix to Create Frictionless Biometric Access Management Solutions Using IP Cameras

November 06, 2018

Combining AccessTM by Ipsidy with Ayonix’s 3D Facial Recognition Software

LONG BEACH, NY, and RICHMOND, VA, November 6, 2018. – Ipsidy Inc. (authid.ai) [OTCQX: IDTY], a provider of secure, biometric identification, identity management and electronic transaction processing services, and Ayonix Face Technologies, Inc. (www.ayonix.com), a developer of 3D facial recognition technology today announce a partnership to develop the next generation of frictionless, biometric identity and access management solutions using IP cameras.

Going somewhere?

When attending an event or entering a building, everyone wants to feel safe.  We expect reliable, effective security wherever we go – for ourselves and loved ones.  But nobody wants to wait on line to be screened for security clearance.  Stopping to show your ID at the door is friction that seriously interrupts “the flow” of things.

Working together, Ipsidy and Ayonix, two pioneers in the biometric tech space, are focused on changing the way we administer, manage, and experience security in everyday life.

Ipsidy’s Access solution, a mobile biometric and digital access credential management application, is incorporating the high-speed performance and edge device detection capabilities of Ayonix’s 3D facial recognition technology.   Access by Ipsidy, enhanced with Ayonix’s FaceID Software, filters facial images extracted from IP cameras and video feeds and rapidly matches them to stored images.  It’s a powerful mix of technology that provides site attendants and security personnel with cutting-edge biometric access management tools with minimal capital investment.

The enhanced solution can be deployed with existing on premises IP-based camera systems, to rapidly identify and classify persons approaching a perimeter or moving around a facility.

What’s it like in real life?

When an enrolled user is identified at a protected perimeter or event, Access notifies site attendants and security personnel via its mobile Concierge app.  Authorized visitors can be welcomed by name and “waved” through when a personal touch is desired – with biometric certainty.  Site attendants and security personnel also receive immediate notifications when persons who do not have required credentials, or who are on a watch list, attempt to access a location, so that appropriate security measures can be taken. Ipsidy’s Concierge app provides real-time monitoring of security transactions and alerts, all from the convenience of a tablet device.

The enhanced solution ultimately offers frictionless entry using permanent or temporary digital credentials that are issued to authorized users via their smart phone.  Under the new agreement, Ipsidy will have global exclusivity on the “Dynamic Reference Database” functionality resulting from the partnership with Ayonix.  The Access platform will continuously match identities against customer-defined, ‘Authorized’, ‘Unknown’ and ‘Watch’ lists.  There is no need to check IDs, swipe cards, or worry about lost or stolen access credentials.  Building owners and occupants can enroll authorized users with a simple user interface and if desired, tenants or residents can invite visitors and issue temporary guest passes, using the Ipsidy Access mobile app, updating the system in real-time, to facilitate security clearance and entry of family, friends, clients, and business associates.

Security integrators and Ipsidy resellers working with customers who have access management or existing IP security camera systems can upgrade their clients’ security with this enhanced solution.  Building owners and facility managers can transform existing IP camera security systems into “Biometric Access Identity Authentication Points,’ a cost-effective upgrade to their security systems that capitalizes on previous investments. The combined solution offers businesses, institutions, schools, hospitals and event venues a biometric access management solution that streamlines security operations, speeds up security lines upon entry, and is convenient and frictionless for authorized residents, patients, students, visitors and guests.  Perhaps most importantly, the combined biometric solution fosters a greater sense of safety and strengthens peace of mind.

We are delighted to work with Ipsidy to help expand our offering,” said Mike Broggie, CEO of Ayonix.  “We believe that they share our passion for innovation and forward thinking, while being focused on providing secure stable, solutions for our customers.”

Philip Beck, CEO of Ipsidy said “Ipsidy is pleased to partner with Ayonix to add the edge device detection capabilities of their 3D facial recognition software to our Access solution.  Together we are creating the next generation of frictionless, biometric access management products.  Security resellers and integrators can offer the combined solution that provides security, control and certainty for physical access management, that is cost effective for their clients and convenient for the location’s daily users.”

The parties have signed a Summary of Terms to work together and are developing the combined solution for launch in early 2019. As previously announced, Ipsidy and Ayonix will be exhibiting at the International Security Conference and Exposition (ISC East) on November 14-15, 2018 at the Javits Center in NY (Booth 573).  There we will showcase a demonstration of the combined Access by Ipsidy and Ayonix FaceID solution and visitors will be able to register their interest in placing an order.

Please contact Ipsidy Sales at +1 (516) 274-8700 or sales@ipsidystaging.wpengine.com for further information.

About Ipsidy

Ipsidy Inc (OTCQX:IDTY) authid.ai  is a provider of secure, biometric identification, identity management and electronic transaction processing services. Ipsidy is headquartered in New York and has operating subsidiaries: MultiPay in Colombia, www.multipay.com.co; Cards Plus in South Africa, www.cardsplus.co.za; and Ipsidy Enterprises in the U.K. Our identity transaction platform creates a trusted transaction, embedding authenticated identity and event details with a digital signature and using a participant’s mobile device to approve everyday transactions. Our platform offers biometric and multi-factor identity management solutions which support a wide variety of electronic transactions. We believe that it is essential that businesses and consumers know who is on the other side of an electronic transaction and have an audit trail, proving that the identity of the other party was duly authenticated. We continue to enhance our solutions to provide our customers with the next level of transaction security, control and certainty over everyday transactions. Further information on Ipsidy can be found at authid.ai or contact us at sales@ipsidystaging.wpengine.com.

About Ayonix

Founded in Japan in 2007 and now headquartered in the US, Ayonix pioneered development of one of the world’s leading 3D facial recognition technologies. Built upon complex statistical models, its software offers real-time surveillance results that are among the fastest and most accurate in the world. With nearly 20 years in the facial recognition field, Ayonix’s in-house R&D team continues to refine its proprietary software, allowing the company to respond nimbly to evolving market needs.  Ayonix products are distributed in over 20 countries on seven continents.


Ipsidy Inc.

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Mike Broggie, CEO, mike.broggie@ayonix.com

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