Ipsidy & REMCAP Announce Agreement to Offer Access™ for Faith Based Communities

March 12, 2019

Protecting Perimeters by Knowing Identities

LONG BEACH & SCARSDALE N.Y., March 12, 2019 — Ipsidy Inc. (authid.ai) [OTCQX:IDTY], which operates an Identity as a Service (IDaaS) platform that delivers a suite of secure, mobile, biometric identity solutions, available to any vertical and REMCAP, LLC (www.remcapinc.com), a provider of payment and support services for religious institutions, schools and other not-for-profit organizations, today announced their agreement to offer Access by Ipsidy, an out-of-the- box, biometric identity, perimeter access solution.

Access helps to protect any building, perimeter or event and create a safe environment by monitoring the enrolled identities of people entering any defined area. Before allowing access, a site attendant can quickly check everyone looking to enter the location, seeing their name and picture biometrically authenticated on a mobile tablet.

Access is digital, paperless and requires no systems integration or expensive hardware.  Attendants operate Ipsidy’s Concierge mobile application on a tablet device, while participants use Ipsidy’s mobile identity application on their own mobile phones. Offering frictionless biometric identification, Access helps organizations enhance security while cultivating a sense of community and providing a more personalized facility entry experience by welcoming members and visitors by name.

Access can be used in a variety of ways across a range of environments:

•    Early childhood programs, schools and camps can add details of a child to a member’s record and biometrically identify who is authorized to collect each child.
•    Employees, members and visitors can self-confirm their arrival and administrators can track who was in the building by reviewing access logs.
•    Synagogues and churches can also use Access to promote and provide reminders of their upcoming events, by distributing electronic passes to attendees.
•    Authorized employees can create digital visitor passes for specific dates and times for vendors and events that use identities authenticated by the visitor and verified by the attendant.

Access offers flexible configurations that allow an organization to meet their varied security, operational and social requirements.  Choose to employ Ipsidy’s facial recognition technology, a smartphone’s touch ID or a PIN, as alternatives within Ipsidy’s mobile app, or a printed QR code to identify permitted entrants. With Access, organizations can balance community building and security, welcoming members and visitors alike by name while creating a sense of trust and safety that comes from knowing with certainty who is there.

Access is designed to be used in buildings and locations of all types and Ipsidy is pleased to have signed an agreement with REMCAP as the first member of the Ipsidy partner network with an exclusive focus on faith-based organizations.  REMCAP has been working with faith-based communities for nearly a decade, and together with Kesef Accounting Service, provides them with payment processing and business and management support services.  REMCAP’s depth of knowledge of and close working relationships with synagogues and community organizations have made them acutely aware of the increased demand by this sector for enhanced, cost effective security solutions.

“Access adds a layer of biometric security to protect faith-based communities,” said Bruce Gold, Managing Member at REMCAP, LLC.  “Synagogues can identify members and visitors using simple mobile applications.  Access can be tailored to meet each organization’s needs and religious observances, whether for daily access, major services, or special events.  Importantly in an era of heightened awareness of best security practices, nursery schools, Hebrew schools and camps can use Access to know with biometric certainty who can pick up each child and maintain an audit record of who did pick them up. We can provide this service to faith-based communities throughout the country.”

“We are delighted to be working with REMCAP to launch our offering of Access for faith-based communities,”added Philip Beck, CEO of Ipsidy Inc. “In these uncertain times, religious organizations of all denominations, as well as schools and community centers, need to be able to trust who is coming into their facilities and identity is the essence of trust.”

For more information about how Access can help your community, call REMCAP on 203-883-8460, or write to us at info@remcapinc.com. For information on becoming a member of the Ipsidy partner network to resell our suite of mobile biometric solutions, contact Ipsidy at sales@ipsidystaging.wpengine.com.  Click here to learn more about how Access works for faith-based communities.

About Ipsidy:
Ipsidy Inc. (OTCQX:IDTY) authid.ai operates an Identity as a Service (IDaaS) platform that delivers a suite of secure, mobile, biometric identity solutions, available to any vertical, anywhere.  In a world that is increasingly digital and mobile, our mission is to help our customers know with biometric certainty the identity of the people with whom they are engaging.  We provide solutions to everyday problems:  Who is applying for a loan? Who is accessing the computer system? Who is at the door?  Identity creates trusted transactions. Ipsidy’s solutions embed authenticated identity and event details with a digital signature and participants use their own mobile device to approve everyday transactions. Our platform delivers identity solutions that work great on their own but even better together.

Ipsidy is headquartered in New York and has operating subsidiaries: MultiPay in Colombia, www.multipay.com.co; Cards Plus in South Africa, www.cardsplus.co.za; and Ipsidy Enterprises in the U.K. Further information on Ipsidy can be found at authid.ai.  If you wish to join the Ipsidy partner network and resell our suite of mobile biometric solutions, contact Ipsidy at sales@ipsidystaging.wpengine.com .

REMCAP provides payment processing, system integration, business process and management services for a range of industries. The primary focus of our company is the support of not-for-profit foundations, religious institutions and schools.  REMCAP, in a joint venture with Kesef Accounting Service (www.kesefaccountingservice.com), the leading national outsource provider of bookkeeping services for synagogues, provides payment services and system integration for these organizations. Further information on REMCAP can be found at www.remcapinc.com or by email at info@remcapinc.com


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