authID and Syntrove Announce OEM Partnership for authID’s Secure Biometric Identity Services

June 18, 2024

Expands reach of authID’s next-gen biometric identity platform with integration to Syntrove’s risk and fraud technology platform

Denver, June 18, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- authID Inc. [Nasdaq: AUID], a leading provider of innovative biometric identity verification and authentication solutions, and Syntrove, a leading consulting and professional services firm specializing in providing risk, data, delivery and technology expertise, today announced they have signed an OEM agreement that will integrate authID’s biometric capabilities in fighting malicious, generative AI-driven fraud, deepfakes, and cyberattacks into the Syntrove offering. Syntrove, whose vision is to be at the forefront of technological and process evolution, will now distribute authID’s next-gen authentication solutions to its portfolio of leading banking, insurance, gaming, crypto and supply-chain enterprise customers to stop fraud with the strongest identity assurance available in the market.

“Our partnership with Syntrove is a force multiplier that helps accelerate the delivery of our next-gen biometric authentication solutions into a broad set of verticals. We are excited to work with Syntrove to onboard our first joint customer from the gaming industry to secure workforce identity,” said Rhon Daguro, CEO of authID. “Combining Syntrove’s stellar risk-management expertise and technology platform with authID’s trusted identity assurance, precision, and seamless user experience delivers a leading market differentiator to help stop fraud, detect deepfakes, and combat generative adversarial AI fraud.”

Digital enterprises today confront ever-increasing risk from fraudsters who leverage AI to generate fake ID’s and deepfakes that compromise digital account openings, foil current risk reviews, and accelerate account takeovers and asset seizures. Needing a trusted technology partner to defeat these challenges, Syntrove recognized the value of authID’s next-gen biometric identity life-cycle platform, ease of integration, and lightning-fast experience.

“We partnered with authID for its market-leading speed, accuracy and precision in delivering trusted identity solutions that defeat today’s adversarial AI-driven cyberattacks in record time,” said Matt Goodman, CEO and Founder of Syntrove. “Together, Syntrove and authID will deliver the strongest identity assurance available, so our enterprise customers know who is behind the device every time and can trust the presented ID is authentic, while their users enjoy a fast, seamless authentication experience.”

authID’s biometric and document-based identity verification will help Syntrove’s enterprise customers onboard new consumers and employees with trust through highly accurate and quick 700ms biometric processing—the fastest on the market. authID’s strong biometric root of trusted identity is derived through automated authentication available for over 13,000 US and international government-issued ID documents, Presentation Attack Detection (PAD) Level 2 accuracy in thwarting deepfakes, injection attacks and presentation attacks, and biometric matching of a selfie to the credential photo.

Binding a user’s proofed identity to their account, authID’s life-cycle identity platform offers users the ease of a quick selfie to secure fast and friendly access to digital resources and to perform trusted account resets. Eliminating the risks, uncertainty, and hassles of friction-filled one-time PINS, authID delivers strong, precise, and accurate, next-generation authentication that helps keep the enterprise safe from phishing and fraud.

Continued Daguro, “authID is committed to protecting the digital ecosystem by ensuring enterprises ‘Know Who Is Behind the Device’ at onboarding and throughout the user journey to prevent cybercriminals from performing account takeovers and seizing assets. Our sales and deployment teams will join forces with Syntrove to help our customers reduce risk by providing the highest levels of identity trust, coupled with frictionless identity experiences that quicken workforce adoption and deepen customer loyalty.”

For further information about how authID can help your organization secure your workforce and consumer applications against identity fraud, cyberattacks and account takeover, contact us.

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authID (Nasdaq: AUID) ensures cyber-savvy enterprises “Know Who’s Behind the Device” for every customer or employee login and transaction through its easy-to-integrate, patented, biometric identity platform. authID quickly and accurately verifies a user’s identity and eliminates any assumption of ‘who’ is behind a device to prevent cybercriminals from compromising account openings or taking over accounts. Combining secure digital onboarding, FIDO2 passwordless login, and biometric authentication and account recovery, with a fast, accurate, user-friendly experience, authID delivers biometric identity processing in 700ms. Binding a biometric root of trust for each user to their account, authID stops fraud at onboarding, detects and stops deepfakes, eliminates password risks and costs, and provides the fastest, frictionless, and the more accurate user identity experience demanded by today’s digital ecosystem. For more information, go to

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