authID to Hold Annual Meeting of Stockholders on June 26th

May 20, 2024

DENVER, May 20, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- authID® [Nasdaq: AUID] a leading provider of innovative biometric identity verification and authentication solutions, today announced that its 2024 Annual Meeting of Stockholders will be held virtually on June 26, at 10:00 a.m. EDT.

At the meeting, proposals will be submitted to elect directors, ratify the appointment of auditors, reduce the number of authorized shares in order to save expenses, ratify the adoption of the 2024 Equity Incentive Plan and approve “Say-on-Pay” and “Say-on-Pay” frequency resolutions.

The Company is proposing the election of all of the current seven directors.

The Company has filed its Proxy Statement with the SEC, which explains all the proposals and provides other information about the Company, and is mailing the Notice of Meeting, the Proxy Statement and additional materials related to the Annual Meeting to stockholders. Stockholders who hold their shares through brokerage accounts will receive the materials via their brokers, either through the mail, or electronically depending on their communication preferences.

The meeting will be held via a webcast. To join the webcast, investors must register in advance here: authID 2024 Annual Meeting Registration.  Following the formal business of the Meeting, there will be a short presentation by management.

Please note that the webcast will use the Zoom Events platform. Participants are advised to pre-register with a validated email address OR your existing Zoom account. Registrants will receive a confirmation email and calendar notice to add the meeting to your calendar. During the call, attendees will be invited to ask questions through the Q&A option in the Zoom Meeting portal.

Stockholders will be able to view the materials electronically at the Company’s Investor Relations site at or at .

Stockholders will also be able to vote electronically, in accordance with the instructions provided in the materials each will receive. Stockholders are encouraged to vote by proxy ahead of the meeting, whether or not they plan to attend the meeting, to ensure their votes are counted.

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authID (Nasdaq: AUID) ensures cyber-savvy enterprises “Know Who’s Behind the Device” for every customer or employee login and transaction. Through its easy-to-integrate, patented, biometric identity platform, authID quickly and accurately verifies a user’s identity, eliminating any assumption of ‘who’ is behind a device and preventing cybercriminals from taking over accounts. authID combines digital onboarding, FIDO2 login, and biometric authentication and account recovery, with a fast, accurate, user-friendly experience – delivering biometric identity processing in 700ms. Establishing a biometric root of trust for each user that is bound to their accounts and provisioned devices, authID stops fraud at onboarding, eliminates password risks and costs, and provides the fastest, frictionless, and more accurate user identity experience demanded by operators of today’s digital ecosystems. For more information, go to

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