Challenges the Industry to Replace One-Time Passwords with Facial Biometric Authentication Solution

October 25, 2021

Businesses can replace vulnerable one-time SMS passcodes with immediate access to Verified™, authID’s biometric authentication service

MONEY20/20, LAS VEGAS – Oct. 25, 2021 – Following its mission to eliminate one-time passwords and account fraud, identity authentication as-a-service provider [Nasdaq: AUID] (formerly Ipsidy), today announced its biometric authentication solution, Verified™ is now available for a free, 14-day trial by signing up online.

authID delivers mobile facial biometric authentication that offers greater assurance than legacy one-time passwords and knowledge-based authentication (KBA). Now, companies of all sizes can access authID APIs for identity verification and authentication, and test APIs in a sandbox environment with up to 10 users and 100 transactions for free.

“At authID, we have a simple but sophisticated solution to a complex problem – using biometrics to enhance security with minimal friction for account recovery or password resets. We want everyone – from small businesses to large enterprises – to experience how easy it is to integrate our technology, and eliminate customer frustration and security risks due to one-time passwords and knowledge-based authentication,” said Tom Thimot, CEO of

A leading provider of secure, mobile, biometric authentication, authID replaces one-time passwords and knowledge-based questions through its consent-based facial matching system with a one-time “selfie.” Verified™ confirms consent to specific transactions and biometrically authenticates a person’s identity in real-time, securely matching the user’s face to their account.

“One-time passwords and knowledge-based authentication expose businesses and their customers to potential fraud, and often result in a frustrating user experience. These legacy methods are as dated as the flip phone. authenticates the user and not just the device or the code,” said Jeremiah Mason, SVP of Product. “We help businesses eliminate security risks and attrition caused by annoying password resets and account recovery, while giving consumers the freedom to conduct important transactions securely and easily.”

authID is exhibiting at Money 20/20 (Booth #4709) where Tom Thimot, CEO of authID, will join other fintech visionaries on Tuesday, Oct. 26 (4:20-5:00 pm) on the Ignite stage at the session, “Paths to Capital: What’s the best way to a public listing?”

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authID (Nasdaq: AUID), formerly Ipsidy, provides secure, mobile, biometric identity verification software products through an easy-to-integrate Identity as a Service (IDaaS) platform. AuthID’s suite of self-service biometric identity proofing and authentication solutions frictionlessly eliminate all usernames and passwords through a consent-based facial matching system. Powered by the most sophisticated biometric and artificial intelligence technologies, authID ultimately aims to re-establish security and trust between businesses and their customers by helping to protect sensitive personal data. For more information, go to

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